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Twenty-one of the more than 200 Nigerian girls kidnapped from a school in Chibok by Boko Haram fighters in 2014 have been released, according to Nigeria’s presidency.

What incredible news that these girls will soon be back with their families. It is poignant that the world celebrated the International Day of the Girl Child yesterday; a day that increases awareness of many issues and inequalities faced by girls around the world.

We must not forget hundreds of other girls and boys that still remain in captivity. This release underscores the fact that with our prayers and with careful negotiations, other children will be returned to their families where they belong.

Watch this haunting video by Kaline, along with her incredible song “Bring Them Home.”


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Written, sung, and performed by KALINE

Verse 1.
Empty Beds

Empty Hearts

We are trying so hard not to fall apart

Heavy souls

Where do we begin, when the walls of our lives

are just caving in

We come in peace, hand in hand

And we ask that you listen and try to understand

This endless pain oooh, this pain inside

Won’t heal till we have our girls and see them smile.


Bring Them Home, Back Home
Bring Them Home, Back Home
Bring Them Home
Because Home is where they belong
Bring our Girls Back
Bring them Home

Verse 2.

We won’t Rest

We wont Sleep

We cant living, living in disbelief

And we hope

And we pray

That our girl won’t be gone much long than today


Bring Them Home
We want them NOW
We wont give up
The time is now
Enough’s enough
We need them now
Don’t let us down… Please
Bring our Girls Back


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