Money Matters with Nimi

Last night I had a lovely time with 30 brides-to-be! It took me back 32 years when I was a new bride! I’ve been extremely blessed to be married to a superb gentleman, and into a wonderful family. That is my prayer for these young ladies.

No prizes for guessing what we talked about! Money and marriage – Yours, mine, ours!

Money is a leading cause of friction, separation and divorce. I am deeply concerned about the number millennials getting married and divorced with startling frequency. Thank you so much Uche Pedro, Bella Naija for inviting me to be part of this and including this testy subject within the fabulous weekend.

Actually I wish I had a chance to talk to their fiancés as well, but the evening was just for the ladies. We could have chatted all night; there is so much to talk about. Here are some of the areas that we managed to touch on.

  • • Focus on the marriage and not the wedding day!
  • • Communication is key (avoid keeping money secrets – it builds mistrust)
  • • Accept that you may have different money personalities; backgrounds, life experiences; marriage calls for adjustment.
  • • Set individual and joint goals – if you fail to plan, you plan to fail
  • • Make a household budget and try to stick to it.
  • • Don’t ignore your debt. Tackle it as a team.
  • • What are your roles? Who pays for what?
  • • Joint accounts, separate accounts, or a combination?
  • • Extended Family financial obligations – discuss the limits
  • • Submissiveness was not an easy topic for the accomplished ladies! See this as a strength NOT a weakness.
  • • Important paperwork- update beneficiaries, insurance policies, etc

In the final analysis, there is the “ideal” situation in a trusting healthy marriage; but every situation is unique. With grace, bags of wisdom and fervent prayer you can make it work.

In February we will run a special series on Romance and Finance in the run up to Valentines Day. Do follow all our platforms.

The level of concentration during Mone Matters with Nimi’s financial session was. Thank you for a wonderful session and the gift bags! We know for a fact our brides would have blossoming Finances in their marriages.

Thanks to Baileys Nigeria and Bella Naija weddings for hosting such an impactful event. I love the decor don’t you?!

It was our pleasure to present each bride to be with a copy of my A to Z of Personal Finance to share with their fiancés.


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