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Bestman Games Limited, a leading games company in Africa is set to break to records by having 2,000 students play the game of Monopoly simultaneously at the City of Lagos Monopoly Championship.

The event which is set to take place in September has already seen Bestman Games train over 100 teachers at the just concluded “Train the Trainers” event which was held at Caleb International School.


According the management of Bestman Games, The Train the Trainers initiative is to empower the teachers of secondary schools in Lagos to train their students on how to play the Monopoly Game, so as to prepare them for the upcoming competition which involves about 100 schools in Lagos.

The City of Lagos Edition of Monopoly was launched in 2012 and was the first African City Edition of the board game. This iconic edition of the Monopoly game distinguishes the Mega City of Lagos and promotes its beauty showcasing the legendary city’s historic landmarks and familiar streets. The Monopoly board game is more than a game; it has strong elements of personal finance embedded at its core. Bestman Games through its games seeks to foster family values and a sense of responsibility by penalizing negative behavior and promoting positive ethical behavior.

The winner of the tournament will go home with 1 million Naira educational grant and other amazing gifts.


Bestman Games is calling on corporate organizations to “Adopt a School” and be a part of the landmark event.

More about Bestman Games

Other exciting products in the Bestman Games product suite includes “The City of Lagos Top trumps & Lekki Ikoyi Link Bridge Jigsaw Puzzle”

For more information about other activities and Tournaments please visit bestmangames.com or contact marketing@bestmangames.com.

For information about products and enrolling for the Bestman Games Monopoly Clubs, call (07087252946) or email marketing@bestmangames.com

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