November.28.17Special Feature
Money Matters with Nimi

Can you remember where you were when you first played Monopoly with a sibling, or had your first passionate exchange with friends over who really won a Taboo game? We all have a board-game story. This is why boardgames have remained relevant, delighting both the young and old – even in our increasingly, fast-paced digital world.


Monopoly Tournaments have now become a popular educational past-time, at many primary and secondary schools, universities and NYSC Orientation camps. Monthly Monopoly Games Nights have also become a wonderful way for working professionals to unwind from a busy week, on the last Thursday of each month.


It was this early success and welcome reception that got Bestman Games thinking about what it would take to design a new and original board game that is truly home-grown in concept, but global at heart. Bestman quickly went to work, combining a fresh take on a core theme of Nigerian society, with the thrill and heart of the most beloved international games – while keeping the top-standards and artistic flair Bestman Games is well known for. The result, says Nimi, is a unique board game that is educative, super-fun and most of all, has the power to impact and transform our society.


The journey has taken 3-years of non-stop work – through the recession and some local industry limitations, but it’s been well worth it. It’s finally here! Thankfully, we don’t have to wait much longer to find out what this amazing all-Nigerian made board game is, and get our hands on it. Watch out for the special Bestman Games Unveiling Event, coming on the 30th November 2017. We can’t wait!



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