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September.15.17‬ Personal Finance‬
Money Matters with Nimi

Coping with the loss of a loved is undoubtedly one of life’s most painful experiences. The last thing a bereaved family needs to deal with whilst mourning their loss, is to find that an identity thief has taken advantage of their loss and has used their loved one’s information to drain the estate of its […]

August.29.17‬ Personal Finance‬
Money Matters with Nimi

I am not a boxing fan but after a fascinating conversation with @iretidee about “Money” Mayweather, I see a sportsman that has slowly and methodically built a financial empire. Here are some success lessons that we can all glean from his remarkable journey. 1. Your past doesn’t define your future He made up in his […]

August.1.17‬ Personal Finance‬
Money Matters with Nimi

With the range of investment options available for the individual investor it can be difficult to determine which investment is right for you. With stock markets up one day and down the next, many investors face the dilemma of whether to invest directly in stocks or to use mutual funds as their investment tool. In […]

April.4.17‬ Personal Finance‬
Nimi Akinkugbe

The borrowing community continues to express serious concern about the prevailing credit crunch and the seeming reluctance of banks to lend. It is argued that bank managers have become so risk-averse that they would rather invest in secured short-term securities rather than lending money to borrowers that are badly in need of financing. Indeed banks […]

January.26.17‬ Personal Finance‬
Money Matters with Nimi

Are you single and wondering about the best way to talk to a future partner about finances? Are you frugal and dating an extravagant spendthrift? Are you going into marriage without discussing money? Do you and your partner often argue about money? Are you dating someone who is secretive about their money matters? Are you […]

October.12.16‬ Personal Finance‬
Money Matters with Nimi

The CBN in a circular dated July 5, 2013 directed all banks to advise their #customers against issuing “dud” cheques to third parties, that is, issuing a cheque against an unfunded account. Naturally, it is infuriating to be at the receiving end of a dud cheque. This makes people reluctant to accept cheques from people […]

August.18.16‬ Personal Finance‬
Money Matters with Nimi

Don’t rest on your laurels; be creative – think outside the box. Identify your strengths, talents, and skills and do something with them. You aren’t earning enough? It has become commonplace to find a good number of hardworking, diligent, creative, and energetic Nigerian workers being owed several months of their salaries and entitlements by their […]

June.6.16‬ Personal Finance‬
Money Matters with Nimi

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March.8.16‬ Personal Finance‬
Money Matters with Nimi

You have worked hard for your money and hopefully made every attempt to save and invest conscientiously. Naturally you want some control over what happens to your assets after you die. Whether you are a person of modest means or otherwise, you have an estate and if you are financially prepared, you will be making […]

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