April.7.17Special Feature
Money Matters with Nimi

It was an honour to visit the African Leadership Development Centre of @CovenantUniversityota to spend time with over 1,000 students to share thoughts on “Financial Literacy and Leadership Effectiveness.”

There are enormous possibilities that abound if they make the right choices. The greatest advantage of youth is TIME. But time is of no use if it is wasted.

Unfortunately, most young people graduate from university with little or no instruction in money management. Indeed for most millennials, the idea of saving and investing for the future seems like a lifetime away; It is so easy to get buried in a cycle of overwhelming debt.

It is important to realise that the choices you make in your 20s will have a huge impact on your future financial security. When our youth are financially empowered, the opportunities are immense.

Here are some snippets from the thoughts I intend to share:
•Your education is a tool, an enabler but it is no guarantee of a job.

•You are the future leaders; embrace that responsibility

•Your choice of a life partner is the most significant decision you will make; don’t take it lightly

•Earn your independence; don’t get caught up in your parent’s coat tails

Check slides for more photos

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One Response to “Convenant University: Financial Literacy and Leadership Effectiveness.”

  1. Samuel Ojumah says:

    Hello Ma,

    thank you for your visit to the university. We appreciate the 10 tips you gave us at the post-graduate leadership class. Hope to keep learning from you.

    Happy to find your site! Would love to get your A-Z book also.


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