September.21.16Special Feature
Money Matters with Nimi
The United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21, “provides an opportunity for all 
humanity to come together, in spirit and in action, to forward the ideals of and conditions for peace. “
I believe that world peace starts with each one of us as individuals. We all crave inner peace
and calmness in our lives. But how can we find it in these frenetic daily lives that we lead? Here are some things I’ve tried…they haven’t always worked but here they are anyway!
1. Set some limits
If you have become overwhelmed with so much activity and stuff you need to set some limits. What are the least important things that you do? Stop doing them. Are you saying yes to every single invitation you get? Do you feel obliged to attend everything? Learn to say no to the “four weddings and a funeral” particularly if you are exhausted or just don’t have any more time.
2. Find ways to relax
I find music, listening to it, or playing the piano, and gardening therapeutic. These activities
helps me recharge and distress. What works for you? Long walks, working out, yoga, meditation or going for a swim? Find out what it is and build it deliberately into your schedule.
3. Try to be more patient
The level of mediocrity that surrounds us is staggering, and if you are a perfectionist it can be very difficult to cope without being permanently irritable or angry. Without lowering your standards try to be more deliberate with your reaction, try to guide calmly, and leave the less damaging

battles to fight another day. Deal with what really matters now. You have to let some things go.

4. Slow down.

Do you rush your meals, are you always in a hurry? Slowing things down will help to decrease your stress. Give yourself more time to do everything you have to do and to get to everywhere that you need to go.
5. Declutter your surroundings

An untidy, cluttered existence leaves your mind just as cluttered. Take 10 minutes each day to declutter one area so it doesn’t become overwhelming; it could be files and folders  scattered all over your laptop that you can’t find, a book shelf in your study or office, your wardrobe, your desk… Give things away.
Declutter, simplify and organize – it will give you clarity and calm.
6. Let things go
Don’t dwell on the past. Negative feelings affect only you and not the person you feel is responsible for them. Focus on the good things that are happening now.
7. Switch off
Have some “me” time. Even if you can’t get away for a day or two, do some of the simple things you enjoy; bury yourself in a great book, listen to music, take a solitary walk, watch a movie.
8. Focus
Focus on doing one thing at a time.
Particularly if you are used to multitasking, you will find this difficult. Try to engage fully on the task at hand and complete at least a major part of it well, before moving on to the next task.
9. Stop procrastinating
This is one of the most debilitating problems! Just do everything you can to “eat the biggest frog first” and you suddenly feel a weight lifted. The stress and tension you feel whenever you remember what you’ve left undone will be released.
10. The peace which passes all understanding
Seize the inner peace that you can only find from a strong relationship with God.
Peace and calm is individual to each of us. When you find that peace you will be in a much better position to pass it on to others around you.


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