When you empower a woman financially, you empower not just the individual; you empower her family, the community and the nation. Ladies, please answer these 20 simple questions to throw up some areas in your financial life that need attention.

Question Yes No
1. Do you have financial goals?
2. Do you live within a budget?
3. Do save at least 10% of your income in the money market?
4. Do you have a separate emergency fund to cover at least 6-months worth of expenses?
5. Are you in debt?
6. Do you know exactly how much debt you owe and the interest rates on your debt?
7. If you are married, are you involved in the family finances?
8. Do you save for your children?
9. Do you teach your children about money?
10. Do you own stocks?
11. Do you own bonds ?
12. Do you own Mutual Funds ?
13. Do you own property?
14. Have you identified your talent and do you earn from it?
15. Do you have business interests?
16. Do you know your networth?
17. Do you have health insurance?
18. Do you have a life insurance policy?
19. Do you have home or renters insurance?
20. Do you have a will?
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The quiz will be open till midnight today.
Copy and Send your total score to
Winners will be announced on 31st March 2017.

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