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Money Matters with Nimi

The “A to Z of Personal Finance, which I published in 2015, is a collection of topics, words and terms that we associate with the subject of personal finance. It provides a comprehensive #guide and walks readers through their finances as they pass through the various #stages of life from #childhood, through their careers, retirement and beyond. I have focused on some of the most significant #principles in my saving and investing philosophy.

Similarly the “A to Z of Entrepreneurship,” is a glossary, it highlights key words that reflect my journey as an entrepreneur as Founder and CEO of Bestman Games Ltd. I have focused on the most significant aspects of my experience.

This series captures a journey from having a dream or an idea, seizing the opportunity, pursuing it, planning for it, staying focused and working through the challenges or failures and learning from them. Most important of all, is taking the concrete steps to execution.

So many people are struggling with unemployment and must start a business for themselves. And there are many that are employed are looking to follow that dream. Either way we all need to earn to be able to fulfill our obligations to our ourselves and our families.

I will be sharing my “A-Z of Entrepreneurship,” this month of March, starting today with A is for Accounts at noon. You will find it on all our platforms; mmwithnimi on twitter and instagram and moneymatterswithnimi on facebook and at our website.

Do enjoy it!

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