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I attended an organ master class this morning. It was great. I would love to become an outstanding organist. Even as a pianist, I will always admit that the organ is the “King of Instruments; The organ is a complex, powerful instrument through the ages it has commanded respect as it leaves its listeners in awe.”

There was also a session on “Understanding the role and skills of the church musician.”

The Master Class is being given Mr Jean-Luc Hebert an accomplished church organist who has accompanied numerous choirs.

He is being hosted by gifted Tenor, Julius Nglass whose venture Music and Speech (M&S) builds and provides musical instruments including Pipe and Electronic Organs; Pianos; Orchestral instruments and Audio Equipment. M & S also organizes music training across West Africa. Julius Nglass is also a church organist and a qualified piano tuner.

I got treated to an impromptu mini concert with two of my favourite tenors; Julius Nglass and Jo Oparamanuike. Splendid.

I learnt a lot even though learning about organ stops and pipes is a bit like being in a maths class! I can’t wait to put it all into practice!

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