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Money Matters with Nimi

I am not a boxing fan but after a fascinating conversation with @iretidee about “Money” Mayweather, I see a sportsman that has slowly and methodically built a financial empire. Here are some success lessons that we can all glean from his remarkable journey.

1. Your past doesn’t define your future
He made up in his mind to break the cycle of poverty in his family. Instead of allowing the circumstances of his past hinder him, he used them as fuel to build his future. We may not always have power over what happens to us, but we always have power over how we choose to respond.

2. Talent is nothing without hard work, dedication
Whilst he is extremely gifted, a lot of Mayweather’s success can be attributed to his incessant, intense, training regimen and work ethic; 2-3 times a day, all year long. There is no off-season in his world. If you need to be dragged out of your own bed every morning to chase after your dream, success will always be illusory. It is hard work makes the potential, actual.

3. Constant learning
He may have world-class trainers but his self-motivation and discipline are constant. He trains like a man possessed, eats a very strict diet, doesn’t drink alcohol, and doesn’t gain weight. He is forever a student of boxing, constantly tweaking, improving, analyzing his techniques and strategies, and improving himself in and out of the ring, to become a stronger, smarter and better boxer.

4. Mastering your craft
To become a true great in any chosen field, you must maintain an intense focus over the long haul to master your craft, whatever it may be.Over time he studied every aspect of the boxing world and how it runs. So many sportsmen end up broke. He found out precisely how the boxing and business worlds operate, and positioned himself both as fighter and as promoter, signed to Mayweather Promotions sharing lucrative pay-per-view sales proceeds.

5. Superior desire and drive
When some athletes, musicians, actors, business-people and other successful people reach a certain level of success they can become complacent and lose some of their drive.But the true greats retain their relentless attitude to keep pushing their limits as intensely as someone who is just starting out.

6. Have an A Team
Floyd often speaks about his loyal, hard-working and talented team; his trainers, his support group, and his business associates.Look closely at any big success story and you find that there’s always a close knit trusted team and quality support group of advisers, managers and experts. These people are focused on the same vision, and bring varying skills and knowledge to compliment your strengths

7. Floyd has earned from promotional deals and merchandise sales, but it is his significant investments in prime commercial real estate that are likely to keep passive income flowing far into the future.

8. Self-Belief
As important as it is to have others believe in us, it serves no good if we don’t believe in ourselves. Our beliefs will shape our reality; His unshakeable belief in himself and his potential is the foundation of all his achievements.

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  1. Tengi says:

    As always, this is very well written and inspiring to boot. Thanks for constantly feeding us with necessary tools to help us improve on our chosen craft and our lives in general. You’ve certainly had a huge impact on my life. God bless!

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