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Money Matters with Nimi

How I wish Steve Jobs had been here to see Apple hit the $1 Trillion mark. What a legacy:

It’s August already. Where did the year go?
Are you where you should be in terms of your financial plan? There is still time to end the year better than you are now.

1. Do you have clear goals that you must achieve before the end of the year? Write them down and place them where you can see them every day.

2. I hope you have a budget in place and are sticking to it. You can download our simple budget template at our website.

3. Have you managed to reduced your debt, particularly the most expensive or most urgent?

4. Do you have an emergency fund in place? You don’t want to have to sell stock or other assets to meet unexpected expenses.

5. Have you invested at all? Mutual fund investments start from as little as N5,000. Think of starting your children off as well on their next birthdays or this Christmas.

6. Do you own your own property, or do you have plans to get onto the property ladder?

7. Have you insured your assets such as your car, your home and its contents? Remember that YOU are your greatest asset. Have you insured your health and your life?

8. And your retirement plans – your retirement savings account is a must, but you need much more than that to keep you in comfort in your later years.

9. Do you have a will, a Trust or other estate planning tool in place to take care of your loved ones?

10. What have you done to touch the lives of others this year? Make giving part of your plan.

11. Travel: When last did you go to a place that you’ve never been to before? Another culture, language perhaps, at home or abroad? Make a trip.

12. Read books: Try to get through at least a couple of great books before the end of this year. Keep sharpening the saw!

Pick just four out of a dozen ideas and try to achieve them before December 31st.
Let’s see how you get on.
Have a great week!

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