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May.17.20Children and Money
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Money Matters with Nimi

I was about 5 years old but I still remember because it was one of the hardest decisions I had to make . I had just done my monthly job of cleaning shoes and been paid by my father a whopping salary of N100 including all the debt he owed !!! My life was complete! […]

May.17.20Children and Money
Money Matters with Nimi

Do you remember having chores that you were responsible for when you were growing up? Were you paid an allowance to do the chores? I believe that if chores are tied to a monetary incentive, children can decide to opt out of receiving compensation. In the real world there are roles and responsibilities, if you […]

May.10.20Children and Money
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Money Matters with Nimi

We all have God-given gifts or talents and our children are no different. What is your child good at? What does your child love to do? What does your child gravitate towards? What do friends and relations refer to when they talk about your child? All children have an ability that sets them apart if […]

May.3.20Children and Money
Money Matters with Nimi

Parents are generally driven by a natural instinct to love, nurture, and provide for their offspring. Our greatest desire is to give them everything we ever had, or, never had, and more. The danger is that whilst we are deriving pleasure from indulging them, we may actually be spoiling them and interfering with their development […]

May.1.20Children and Money
Nimi Akinkugbe

Our current educational system focuses almost totally on academic subjects and very rarely is any aspect of money management taught in the school curriculum. This is set to change in due course. At an event to mark Global Money Week held at Abuja in March 2014, the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) announced that the […]

June.17.18Children and Money
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Money Matters with Nimi

“What we must decide is perhaps how we are valuable, rather than how valuable we are” – Edgar Z. Friedenberg 1959 Anna Jahns in “Spoiling Childhood” discusses how parents today are often “caught up in a guilt driven pendulum, swinging between parenting too little and parenting too much to compensate” for other deficiencies in their […]

August.4.17Children and Money
Money Matters with Nimi

“The National Company of the Year Competition 2016 is an opportunity for us to showcase the weight of potential that lies within these young minds and JAN’s role in grooming the next generation of leading entrepreneurs. This is a call-to-action for corporate stakeholders, teachers, youths, entrepreneurs and all who support the cause of empowering youths […]

July.5.17Children and Money
Money Matters with Nimi

The world’s education systems are failing our children by not preparing them for the workplace of the future. This is the key finding of a new report by the World Economic Forum, Realizing Human Potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which puts forward a series of practical measures for aligning education and training with future […]

July.26.16Children and Money
Money Matters with Nimi

The elementary school years, when children are being introduced to mathematics concepts and coming to grips with numbers, are an excellent time to lay a solid foundation in personal financial management. Sadly, our educational system focuses almost totally on academic subjects and very rarely is any aspect of money management taught in schools. If we […]

June.19.16Children and Money
Money Matters with Nimi

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