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March.3.20Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

Economic realities have meant that most families must rely on more than one income to meet the family’s current needs and future aspirations including educating children, decent housing and a secure retirement. There has been the traditional premise that men were the breadwinners and women stayed home “in the kitchen,” or did not pursue a […]

September.8.19Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

There’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but did you know there’s Grandparents Day as well? The day was signed into law in the United States by President Jimmy Carter in 1978 and is the day each year that Grandparents are appreciated and recognised through various activities and celebrations. In our society and in the absence […]

June.17.19Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

Father’s Day is globally celebrated in June; it is a day dedicated to the celebration of fathers. A father has a huge role to play in the family; a lifelong responsibility that comes with significant financial implications, as there are so many demands on their resources. Here are some tried and tested tips for all […]

May.20.19Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

Today’s high cost of living presents challenges for most families. However, for the single parent, particularly the single mother, there is an additional strain on an already stretched budget. Single mums face unique financial challenges as they simultaneously try to provide for the family, take care of their own financial needs, whilst ensuring that should […]

February.14.18Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

An honest discussion about finances is a great first step to building a strong foundation for your marriage. Here are 10 things to talk about. 1 The Wedding: Don’t spend your life savings on rings and festivities. Establish upfront, a mutually agreed upon, and realistic budget and stick to it. 2 Your jobs: Will you […]

February.6.18Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

An honest discussion about money is an important step in building a strong foundation in marriage. Here are some talking points: 1 The Wedding: Don’t go broke or into debt for the wedding. It’s just a day. Agree on a realistic budget with your families and stick to it. 2. What are your short, medium […]

July.29.17Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

The fear of death in many societies often prevents many of us from making plans for this most inevitable life event. Things may be going rather well, so why dwell on morbid thoughts such as your own death? Estate planning can be emotionally difficult to deal with, and many people actually feel that they face […]

July.27.17Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

At any age, marriage has an impact on every aspect of life and involves a marriage of finances. When a mature couple in their 40’s,50’s or older gets married or remarried, there are some unique challenges to be addressed as they bring more “baggage” from their significant personal and economic histories into the marriage than […]

February.22.17Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

On February 18th 2017, Money Matters with Nimi hosted a charming learning event  – “Money: What’s Love Got To Do With It?.” Studies have shown that financial concerns are one of the most common causes of divorce and friction in relationships. Research has also shown that couples in successful relationships and marriages have mastered the […]

February.17.17Family Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

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