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As morbid as this sounds, do you ever think of the worst-case scenario? What would happen to your family, your beneficiaries and loved ones if your life were suddenly cut short? Can they afford to lose you? Could your family or dependants pay for the funeral, organise the family finances, service any outstanding debt and […]

Money Matters with Nimi

When an investment club is properly set up and run, it can provide a supportive atmosphere that makes investing most rewarding. An investment club usually consists of a small group of individuals who pool their money to make joint investments. This can provide those who have limited funds with a vehicle through which they can […]

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In spite of its enormous advantages, insurance is still something that far too many Nigerians ignore, that is, until they need it. If you rent a house, an apartment, or just a room, you might be assuming that your landlord’s property insurance should cover damage to both the building and its contents. The typical home […]

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No one could have imagined the chaos that the eruption of faraway Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano could cause to air travel to and from Europe, as the ash cloud drifted across the continent and beyond. Were you one of the hundreds of thousands of people whose vacation, business trip, or return to school, was disrupted? This […]

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Insurance is still something that most people tend to ignore until they need it most, and sadly most Nigerians are not insured. “Dear Lagosians, please bear with us. Today’s downpour has been heavier than normal as the state government had earlier warned. It has been raining since 5am in many areas and it hasn’t stopped. […]

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