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January.2.21Personal Assets
Money Matters with Nimi

Are you like me and keep your beautiful “things” locked away, to be brought out only on “special” occasions with family or “special” guests? Stop “waiting for the Pope” to visit. He isn’t coming! For my 50th birthday my Father in Law bought me the most beautiful Minton Orchid porcelain dinner service celebrating my love […]

April.19.17Personal Assets
Money Matters with Nimi

Do you have a business and aren’t online? Even the smallest business benefits from a web presence. Whilst websites tend to be a standard for having an official online presence, it is important to leverage the powerful far-reaching socialmedia platforms such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest, twitter, Instagram, YouTube etc “The internet gives everyone the […]

September.20.16Personal Assets
closeup of a marriage prenuptial agreement
Money Matters with Nimi

A prenuptial agreement commonly referred to as a “prenup,” is a written legal contract between two people who are about to wed. It clearly sets out terms of ownership of assets before the marriage, how future earnings should be treated, and potential division of assets if the marriage doesn’t endure. It can also be used […]

New Year & your finances: FINANCIAL NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS FOR 2015
Nimi Akinkugbe

A new year brings with it a sense of renewal and the age-old tradition of new-year resolutions helps you to focus on making positive changes in various aspects of your life. Financial resolutions are often ignored; here are a few to set you on the right footing for 2015. Do not try to initiate them […]

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