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Last week we paid a visit to a very special lady, Mrs Edna Soyanwo at her charming cottage. She taught my children piano at @muson_school_of_music and played a huge role in developing their skill and love for music.

Choosing the right piano tutor is a decision that needs to be made carefully. Sadly far too many children lose interest in their piano lessons because of the wrong teacher.

Here are some tips:

1. Do some research; ask friends whose children have piano lessons. Visit one or two well established music schools that have firm structure in place.

2. Location and convenience
Your best bet is the closest teacher that meets your standards. Private lessons at home are convenient and reduce transport challenges. Supervision is important; ensure that your child is safe.

3. Credentials matter
Just because someone can play the piano doesn’t mean they can teach it.

Competence covers training in both practical and theory of music otherwise huge gaps appear that are hard to reverse. A capable technical player with some formal education (eg ABRSM) under their belt is ideal.

4. Interview the candidates yourself to assess their character and interpersonal skills. Observe their interaction with your child. Above all else, they should be comfortable.

5. Can you afford it?
Rates vary according to the credentials and experience. The most expensive
piano tutor is not necessarily the best for your child.

6. Trust your gut feeling
Intuition is powerful; you need to feel right about the tutor; someone that is genuinely interested in your child’s progress.

7. Is piano the right instrument?
Your child might not be interested in the piano. Start with an affordable but quality 2nd hand instrument or rent one. They might prefer a different instrument.

8. If it’s not working, change it
Staying with the wrong tutor can make a child dread lessons and put them off the instrument. Don’t hesitate to move on if its not working, otherwise you waste both time and money.




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