Money Matters with Nimi

I am truly inspired by this extraordinary woman. Here are some fantastic tips she shared that give some insight as to how she constantly and consistently raises the bar.


“Success is relative, I strongly believe that success is journey with no final destination. We keep going, keep building and keep striving.”

It is important to mention this as i share these tips for success.

1. Always put GOD first in all things you do. HE alone holds the ace card. My many journeys have lead me to this conclusion.

2. Having a vision is cornerstone to any business, project or goal you want to achieve because every great idea begins in the mind and then manifests into form.

3. Planning always gives you an insight as to how much you have progressed towards your projected goal, and how far you are from your destination.

4. It is okay to have Big Dreams, any dream worth dreaming, is worth the effort to make it come true.

5. You will know how far you can go, when you pursue your passion and never stop trying.

6. Always have the courage and conviction to challenge the status quo. Change in business is a constant element.

7. Don’t fight growth, be the growth.

8. Explore new opportunities. Ladies, you may be operating in a man’s world, but always retain your femininity. It’s a special gift from God!

9. Spend more time with friends that encourage and support you. You will do better with positive energy around you.

10. Never underestimate your competitors! Keep being the benchmark they are trying to beat.

11. Celebrate your friends, when they are succeeding. It’s so much better when you are all succeeding.

12. Never be too proud to say sorry. It brings with it a new-found respect. If you make a mistake, it’s ok to admit it to the world. Admit it and move on.

13. Stay Humble, Humility will open more doors for you. Always remember that people judge you based on their own standards, so always look carefully at those judging you.

14. Never stop dreaming, it’s your one right nobody can take away where ever you are.

15. Share your recipe for success with others, we all have our unique blue print.

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