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As we celebrate UNESCO World Teacher’s Day, here is an excerpt from my father Mr FI Ajumogobia’s memoirs. He was a quintessential teacher:

“I was transferred from Edo College, Benin City to Kings College Lagos in January 1939. I recall that I arrived in Lagos on 13th January, 1939. I was at King’s College, Lagos from January 1939 to September 1944 and again from July 1949 to September, 1957.

During my 14 years at King’s College, Lagos, I had the most rewarding experiences, not only in the teaching of science (Physics & Mathematics) but also in other ways. I rose to be the Senior Science Master and was also in charge of mathematics at the college.

While I was at King’s College, I was approached by Miss W.W. Blackwell, the Principal of Queen’s College, Lagos (1931 -1942) to teach science to selected girls of Queen’s College to enable them to have a background of general science and I undertook that assignment.” F.I. Ajumogobia (1914-1996)

Grateful to my father for the life lessons of hard work, discipline, industry, focus and service.

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