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Money Matters with Nimi

Many successful people have a regular routine of daily, weekly and monthly #habits that reinforce the things that matter to them.

Without attention, our finances take a back seat; bills pile up, expenses get out of control, and debts mount. Don’t allow things to fester. Here are some financial habits that i try to practice. Have a look and see which ones you can adopt in 2019.

Setting Financial GOALS
I always have short medium & long term goals; both bite sized to big ones from planning a holiday to, supporting someone’s education or buying property.

I maintain a monthly #budget for personal & household expenses; I build in some indulgences so that I don’t cheat. (Orchids, eating out etc)

Always negotiate price – even in the world’s most sophisticated stores, you can “price.”

Track your Income & expenses periodically to steer you back to budget.

Avoid impulse purchases – Shop with a list especially at Christmas!

Open bills and deal with them promptly to avoid penalties and damage your credit.

Deal with debt head on. Without this being under control you cannot build wealth.

Automate savings – I have a monthly Direct Debit from my account into a Equity Mutual Fund. Investing all year round means when prices fall you buy more shares and when prices are high, fewer. Average cost is thus reduced.

Maintain your assets; we never miss routine servicing of vehicles, generator, inverter, ACs, piano etc

Our assets are protected with #Insurance; home, health etc

Constant learning. Attend seminars, read, keep abreast of financial news and opportunities.

Choose quality over quantity. Things might be expensive but they last for literally decades!

TIME is precious; I never waste mine. Every moment counts; yes, even moments for day dreaming or sleeping. Don’t waste your time.

I surround myself with a clutch of ambitious inspiring people that encourage, motivate, empathise, and teach me, and to whom I can do the same.

Health is Wealth: eat sensibly, regular exercise, medical checkups etc. Try not to slack at this.

Daily quiet time in prayer as well as the quick check-ins with God throughout the day; these are vital for me.

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