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February.14.21Love and Money
Money Matters with Nimi

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Money Matters with Nimi

The issue of money is a leading cause of friction, broken relationships and divorce, yet most couples fail to discuss their financial compatibility. We all have unique personalities that influence our attitude to budgeting, borrowing, spending, saving and investing. There are the scrooges that hate to spend at all on the one hand, and at […]

January.26.21Personal Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

When two people become a couple they confront a myriad of financial choices and decisions. Are you engaged? How much do you know about your fiance’s financial situation? After the excitement of the wedding ceremonies, it will be time to face your financial future together. Research shows that money matters have some part in most […]

January.25.21Personal Finance
Money Matters with Nimi

It is every parents dream when your child or grandchild announces an engagement. Weddings bring joy, excitement, emotion you simply want to give your loved one their dream wedding and to support them in every possible way, including financially. But as we all know, nuptials can be extremely expensive. Whether you are the bride, the […]

January.24.21Love and Money
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Money Matters with Nimi

“I listened to you on radio where you were trying to discourage young girls like myself from dating just for money. I am a 20-year old 300 level student in a Nigerian University. I have a Mr Moneybags as my boyfriend.  He is married. I earn up to N65,000 a month from side hustle. Since […]

January.24.21Personal Finance
Money Matters Feb 1st
Money Matters with Nimi

Tough economic times can strain not only a couple’s finances, but their relationship as well. Indeed, financial concerns are one of the most common sources of tension in relationships. For many men in particular, February has become a time of immense financial pressure. According to the Huffington Post, a survey estimated that this year, Americans will […]


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