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The use of the term “nest-egg’ to refer to savings dates back to the 16th century. The practise of putting a real or china egg into a hen’s nest was to encourage her to lay more eggs. The connection between this and the ‘savings’ meaning may be that the egg that was placed in the nest could be later retrieved, after the hen had laid, or that by putting away an egg, that is, saving, you can enjoy growth as more eggs are laid.

The nest egg is money set aside in investment, money market, or savings accounts that is designated for some specific purpose. Most common is the reference to retirement money and for funding educational expenses, weddings or the down payment on a home. Ideally, a nest egg should be allowed to grow quietly in the background and kept safe and untouched except for its intended purpose. It also helps to set aside an amount on a regular basis to grow your nest egg each month.

If you are not an experienced investor, seek financial advice. Professionals have the expertise and a plethora of information with which they can make well-informed decisions and guide you appropriately as where to safely place your money to maximize profit and minimize losses. As you become more familiar with the market, you can become more directly involved and take informed risk.

Investing is a journey towards achieving your goals. Have your own long-term strategy and stick with it. If you focus on your goals, you won’t be easily distracted by market hype, volatility and what everyone else is doing. Your own unique circumstances should ultimately determine how much, how and when you invest. Watch your own chickens and appreciate your own eggs!

Happy Easter!

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