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I had a great time at Ibadan on Wednesday 13th March 2019, when I joined Mr Russell Brooks, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Consulate Lagos to review Michelle Obama’s “Becoming.” It was a fascinating discussion with a very engaged audience. 

Thank you for sending all your messages and comments. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your favourite bits of the book. It is no surprise that this book has already sold over 3 million copies !!

I was quite miffed that she and President Obama never visited Nigeria whilst they were in office. Yes we have our failings but we are still Nigeria! I do hope that Nigeria is on the book tour list; wouldn’t that be great!

Here are some key areas that resonated with so many of us. Great life lessons. 

The parenting style of her parents; “Raising adults not babies.” Even from humble means, with love, encouragement, deliberate parenting they raised super achievers who went on to be educated at top institutions and onto successful careers all with a deep sense of responsibility. 

The Robinsons introduced their children to art and music early. Her first piano performance when she was so unsettled as she couldn’t figure out the chipped Middle C on the brand new piano. Her teacher calmly climbed onto the stage and showed her. This taught her a major life lesson. “…the disparities of the world had just shown itself to her for the very first time..”

“…as a family, we played board games, told stories and jokes, and cranked Jackson 5 records on the stereo.”
And much later in The White House, even the President was able to commit to daily 6pm meals with his family. Few could be busier than that. Then again I guess he worked from home!

Michelle Obama, in turn did all she could to keep her children grounded and unspoiled even by the opulence and grandeur of The White House

Then of course that epic love story! Potential and prospects matter hugely; it’s not all about how much you have today. It’s about choosing someone with purpose, ambition, character, focus, and that treats you like a princess.

Support systems are so important. 
Part-time healthy meal chef
Reliable Grandma
Outstanding team 
What support systems do you have in place?

Married to the most powerful man in the world, Michelle still maintained her identity and persona, highly respected in her own right. Many women of powerful men can be almost subsumed by their men losing all sense of purpose and identity. It takes a special man to embrace and encourage his wife’s growth.

Very powerful was the description of the silence in their new DC home after the White House and her realization that life had changed forever. Even the dogs were a little taken aback at the sound of neighborhood dogs.

One day you may have all the power, pomp and circumstance; and then… it’s over. Everything comes to an end. Stay grounded. (Powerful lessons for some Nigerian politicians)

Yet just by being who they are and what they represent to so many, the Obama’s will always be relevant and what a powerful team.

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