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Are you like me and keep your beautiful “things” locked away, to be brought out only on “special” occasions with family or “special” guests? Stop “waiting for the Pope” to visit. He isn’t coming!

For my 50th birthday my Father in Law bought me the most beautiful Minton Orchid porcelain dinner service celebrating my love for orchids. Occasionally I would open the cabinet, look at them and smile.


This Christmas I opened the cabinet to bring them out for an intimate Christmas dinner. Out of the set of 8 dinner plates, only 2 had survived. The others were all cracked! Of course I had already blamed my poor cook when I realised they had literally disintegrated from a lack of use and the heat in an inappropriate cabinet with no ventilation! So sad!


I remember my mother’s treasured cabinets; permanently locked. Through the glass front, one could see the most exquisite bohemian crystal glasses, fine bone china, wonderful antique finds from her travels. Sometimes the “special occasion” would come and she couldn’t find the key! Other times they couldn’t be used “in case” someone broke them.

Open that priceless bottle of perfume attractively displayed but gathering dust on a glass shelf, burn that delightfully scented candle, use the luxury soaps, the lace trimmed towels, the beautiful embroidered cotton sheets, the crystal and china. Preserve those treasured family heirlooms by using them.

Let us stop waiting for life’s special moments that may or may not happen. Instead, create the moments, every day. Celebrate being alive; that is special enough.

I’ve come to learn over the years that those special occasions are rare. As we navigate these strange times, let us appreciate the little things. Don’t hide away those special “things” for perfect days. Use them on the imperfect days; it might just make them perfect.

You are alive.
That is worth celebrating.
Stop waiting for the special occasion.
This life is the special occasion.

Use your stuff today and everyday.

Happy New Year!

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